Long Island Oath Keepers open letter

We the People, once again, find ourselves in an untenable situation. On one hand we have a health crisis, and on the other, we have an overbearing government acting under the guise of benevolence, which seeks to attempt to limit the free will, and unalienable rights of the People.

Understandably, there is a need to limit the transmission of a pathogen to prevent catastrophic end results, and to that ends, we the People have given our government a role in recommending guide lines that would facilitate that endeavor. We have, on a voluntary basis, collectively conformed to these guide lines. However, short of a “declaration of Martial Law”, there is no authority given to any federal, state or local government, to impose mandatory lock downs, fines, penalties, remission of rights, or the suspension of the “writ of habeas corpus”. Any government, or governing representative which acts in such a manner, attempts to act outside of the Constitution, and must be put on notice as doing such.

Therefore, We the People do hereby declare, that we find the following to be an unlawful use of power as a result of non-compliance to governmental guide lines: mandated lock downs of the People, houses of worship, and businesses, restrictions of free travel, and public gatherings, fines, penalties, imprisonment, or forfeiture of property, mandated vaccinations, and, or the suspensions of any rights within the “Bill of Rights”, or other rights enumerated within the US Constitution.

Long Island Oath Keepers

Yours in Liberty,

Pete Norris KD2FBZ ( NYOKCOMMS / LIOKPOC ) pdtech1@aol.com

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